Thursday, September 22, 2011


I wrote this up to send to some co workers and I decided to share it here and on the A Spiritual Blend FB page. I have a lot of friends who come to me for help with their migraines and I have helped them with this information. With the stressful times we are in, migraines have become rampant in society. Dr's do help, however, a lot of migraines can be stopped using only holistic methods. If you are suffering from consistent migraines and nothing I've posted has helped, please seek medical attention because it can be a sign of something more.
For help or more advice, feel free to contact me - or 

Migraines are caused by enlargement of the blood vessels that stretch around the nerves forcing the nerves to release a chemical that is to protect the brain from swelling, however, is only causing inflammation, pain, and further enlargement. What triggers the enlargement is shock and stress. Basically, your brain/nerves are hyper sensitive and loud noises, bright flashing light, or starring at moving patterns can trigger the migraine. To help aid migraines is to catch them before they happen.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The losing of the Matriarch..

I'm going to say what has been said before many times by many moms, "being a mom is hard work" The reason I'm repeating it is because I'm wiping away the old and allowing myself to see clearly.

Ok, I'm speaking in code, let me be more clear

I'm refocusing myself to put more into being a mom and wife because I've neglected my position in the home. I know, it sounds archaic, however, there is a point here that isn't as archaic as you think. As you all know, I took my kids out of school in February of 2011, and have been just letting them "detox" from the high pressure and rigid rules of public school. It's been good, and they have been happier, in a way, but, I've been having a hard time adjusting. Since I work from home, and have been for the past 5 years, I was used to having them at school and me being able to get a lot done. Since they have been out of school, well, it's been like summer vacation, a very long summer vacation, lol. Now, kids are going back to school, and here I am still on summer vacation hours.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Something to think about....

I was reading an article that made me think of a question; Is being dedicated to your spiritual beliefs getting in the way of basic human rights, or, are the desires for basic human rights stopping people from being fully dedicated to their spiritual beliefs?

This world is full of different spiritual beliefs, Christianity, Judaism, Islamic, Hinduism, Paganism, on and on with the "isms", and not all of them have the same, for lack of better term, "rules" to follow. Now, let's scrap this down to the bare skinny of the situation. Every spiritual practice has a DOGMA to it, and sort of spiritually moral rule. They are not all the same by no means, however, those that fully dedicate themselves to that spiritual practice of choice have also dedicated themselves to that spiritual moral rule or rules. Now, here is where it gets tricky, when someone follows the "rules" of their spiritual practice, and it isn't something that is widely accepted, or even liked, or maybe it goes against the basics of humanity all together, why are they criticized?

(I'm sure I'm gonna get yelled out for that question...where's that pesky pot, I got more stirring to do)

In truth, IF the rule they followed from their spirituality was say, plant a flower each week in a bare spot on the grass, most of the world would be awww, yippie, how lovely. However, if that spiritual rule was, rip each flower from the ground on the sundown of the Sabbath, every one would be oh god, you jerk. However, both were following and dedicating themselves to their spiritual beliefs, who judges who is right and who is wrong?

Their Deity, and only their Deity, the one they follow, and are following that spiritual rule for?

Yea, chew on that while I serve this to you...

Most people need spiritual guidance in their lives. When that guidance leads us on a journey to make a choice that may shun you from most of humanity, what do you do?

Easy, don't do it right?

Ok, where's your dedication then? Are you only going to follow spiritual guidance when it's covenant for you? Maybe jump from one spiritual belief to another, hoping you are covering all bases and still making the world happy? Oh, yea, there is that moral thing too right. You're sitting there saying, "duh, morals, if you're a moral person you know better" Ok, who judges morals? Who gave you those morals? Your parents? Where did they get it? Their parents? Where did they get it? Mmmhmmm, yea, someone got those morals from some spiritual guidance the digging, you'll see.The Carib tribe in the West Indies practiced Cannibalism. They believed chewing their enemies and spitting them out was a spiritual way to take in their enemies strength. Was that morally wrong? It was a spiritual practice? A spiritual rule? Guidance from a spiritual leader. Yea, I know, it was wrong, that's why it's illegal now, blah blah...moving on.

Ok, here is my point....

When you follow a spiritual path you're dedicating yourself to that path. Not everything, everyone is going to do in the rules of their spirituality is going to make everyone happy. Not everyone's spiritual practice is going to make everyone happy. However, religious tolerance is something maybe we need to look at in all angles. Take the religion out of politics, it doesn't work. But, don't shun a government official because they choose to pray before a political vote. Or, shun a clerk for making a choice to follow her own teachings personally, and not sign same sex marriage license. She, in turn, asked for the ability to higher someone to sign them in her place. I, personally, think the clerk refusing to sign the marriage license was rude, however, I admire her convictions and I admire her asking to bring on someone in her place that will sign them.

Freedom of religion means ALL religion....and that also means you take the parts of religions you DON'T like and tolerate it.

Now, let's all grab a Coke and sing "Hands Across America"
(song f*cked ya didn't I)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just smile about it...

I just love this picture. 
Happy kids, happy dogs, happy fireplace...just smile!
Thought I would share.
Have a wonderful week everyone and remember, just smile!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honeyfern Farms....

Last week, me, my hubby and my girls went to meet Suzannah at Honeyfern Farms. Honeyfern is an up and coming secular private school, small class, and has a lot of accreditation in classes offered. I was interested in learning my options for the girls since I haven't actually started homeschooling yet and honestly, am still not sure exactly how to go about it.

I must say, I was impressed.

Suzannah was super nice as was her husband. The place is beautiful with a horse, goats, and chickens. When we pulled up we park in front of her adorable little garden and enjoyed the view for a moment. already, just the impression was a nice impression. The energies of the home were so great, and Suzannah was very welcoming. We went in, sat and talked for a while. She explained to my husband what Honeyfern was all about, and her goals, and honestly, everything she was saying is what we were looking for. She was super nice to the girls, and looking in her library, I admit, I was jealous, I wanted some of those books lol.

I was open to her that I was new to homeschooling and she even offered some advice on what I should do, all the way down to making sure I have all the documents from my girl's public schools. I had no idea there was a lot more to get. She also, when I spoke with her on the phone, gave me more advice on how to homeschool them. I respect someone who is working to build her private school giving advice to a stranger on how to homeschool. He goal wasn't to sell the school, you could tell her goal was to just be a kind and helpful person.

She is working to build her private school, but she also offers online classes, which may be more in our budget at the moment, but, I do know my goal now is to register the girls into Honeyfern. I highly recommend Honeyfern if you are looking for a private school for your kids to attend. Roger and I are still weighing our options on what to do, but, Honeyfern is right up there towards the top!

I put her link on my blog side bar, but, here is also her link to the school, She is located in W Marietta, and again, just from meeting her the one time, I think she may have the passion I'm looking for to teach my girls.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Breaking Down of Racial Barriers

The other day, I was sitting outside with my husband and we were watching some kids playing in the neighborhood. They were 3 boys, oldest probably about 13, skate boarding down the street. They were doing pretty decent, no one fell and broke their butts. As we were watching them streak by on their boards, I couldn't help but notice a change in things, the boys, 2 were Hispanic, one was black.

Now, allow me to explain this before you go saying..."well what the hell does that have to do with anything?"

The reason I point this out is when I was young, skaters where white. Just some low class white kids with nothing to do but see how far they could push it before they broke a bone, or worse. In fact, not only were they white, but, if a black kid tried to skateboard, they were considered a "poser" So much has changed. I see the teenagers walking from the other neighborhood down the street, and they are all colors, hanging out together, laughing together, dating each other. To me it's like looking at the colors of the world finally deciding to come together and make a rainbow. I go to the grocery store, and see so many parents, grand parents, with children who are mixed. I see on TV, commercials depicting inter racial couples, even homosexual couples. To me, this is beautiful, amazing, and such a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Not saying the problems of race are gone, by no means. I am saying that it has come a long way...a LONG way in a short amount of time. I remember the "Rodney King" incident, how the racial tensions really hit a pentacle then. People were fighting for nothing but the color of their skin. In my school, I remember clearly a time when I was sitting outside at lunch, and a Vietnamese kid came running out of the school, scared to death, and not far behind, a group of black kids were chasing him. I remember thinking then how ridicules it was. When I began high school, a good friend (she was white) and myself were escorted into the school by the older brother of a friend (he was black) so that people could see WE weren't to be messed with. A very good depiction of the racial tensions when I was in school is in the movie, "Freedom Writers" I highly recommend that movie.

Now though, I watch people, and all though there is still racism, in the younger generation, it's like a joke. They joke about it. No one is kicked aside because of their race. No one is left out because of their sexual orientation. In fact, the younger generation look at the older generation like they are idiots. I can hear them now, "Uh, hello, what makes YOU better then someone else?" The younger generation does not see color, gender, sexuality, they see friends.

 As we still have a long way to go, I think we are running FULL speed to the path of equality. No longer taking baby steps, we are hopping, skipping, and jumping to it and for most of the younger generations, it's "uncool" to be raciest....DUH!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebration of Death...

I have a feeling this post is not going to bring me to popular status or will gather me many new friends However, this is tearing at my heart and it's bothering me and I need to put something out there so the world, or at least those in my world can see and read it.

 I can't seam to celebrate the death of a human. I know, before I go one, I know Osama Bin Laden was not a good human, I was there, I remember. I know he master mind the murder of 3000 people and was boasting about it. I'm not anti American, I'm not pro terrorism, I'm just someone who looks at the fact that a human life was lost. I can't help but feel sad here. Seeing people last night, celebrating while someone out there is mourning their father, their son, their brother, their husband. Reading FB postings singing praises to his death and demise. Hearing people wanting to see his body, wanting to "piss" on his body, my gods, this is scary the amount of celebration of revenge.

 I can't say what I would do if I was the one who was face to face with the man. I don't know. I'm human, humans are guided by emotions. We use the term "justice" as a cover for what it really is, "revenge" I'm no better, I'm not. When 9/11 happened, I wanted the people who did this to feel the same pain we as Americans were feeling. If my family was attacked, I too would seek revenge, I'm not preaching. I'm just sitting here today thinking, yes, he is dead, but something is not right in celebrating this fact.

I could go much further, but I won't, this is probably the shortest post I'm put here. I know the world is one less tyrant today, but, I can't help but feel sadness. Pride in my country, pride in the men who got him, pride in our President for keeping this so organized and secret, but a sadness.....a man's life has been taken from him, by our hands.

This is what "justice" has come to....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Opinion on the Disrespect of the Statue of Jesus

In case you haven't watched the news lately, or you don't watch it at all, on Easter Sunday members of St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell, GA were greeted by a statue of Jesus that was defiled by hot pink spray paint. I'm disgusted by this and also embarrassed, not only because someone or someones would treat a religious symbol so terribly, but, my personal sacred symbol, the Pentacle was spray painted on the chest of the statue.

1 step forward 20 steps backwards

 For those of you who don't know, the Pentacle is a sacred symbol of Goddess followers. the 5 points of the star represent the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and the top point represents Spirit. the circle around the star represents the unbreakable circle of life. This symbol is not an evil symbol, on the contrary it is a very positive symbol of life encompassing  all.
I would like to point out that the inverted Pentacle, the Pentagram, isn't an evil sign either. What the Pentagram represents is the Horned God, the two points are his horns, and the rest represent the face of Baphomet, the God of freemasonry or transformation. Why this symbol is used in Earth based beliefs is to represent the ever changing Earth, the animals, the birds, the life and death of all.

Back to the subject at hand, I've been following this story, and of course, the Pentacle painted on the chest of the statue was labeled "satanic" which, yes, annoyed me, but was not the subject of my disgust. The reason I was so disgusted was due to the fact that people can have so much disrespect. These people look at the statue of Jesus as I and many other Pagans look at the Pentacle and Pentagram, a totem of belief, of spirituality, and of life. To add salt to the wound, the Pentacle was used in this defilement, a shame, an embarrassment, and even an outrage! Why? Why would they do that? It does nothing to generate equality among Christians and Pagans. It only put Pagans back into the place of being labeled "satanic, anti spiritual, devil worshipers, evil"

 My goal and goals of others that I work closely with, is to bring Paganism out of the shadows, out into the world, and make it comfortable and acceptable to wear your Pentacles in the open. For our children not to have to hide their beliefs. For people to not have to lie to their bosses when they need a Sabbat off for ritual. I work hard, living my life open everyday, and I still have a deep seeded fear that someone will attack my children, burn a cross in my yard, or worse. These are not an over exaggeration of fears, these are real fears. I have lost jobs due to my beliefs, I have lost friends due to my beliefs, I have lost good reputation due to my beliefs, but, I refuse to be angry over it. I work to live my life openly and peaceful, and lead by example. My children do not know to hide their beliefs, I've told them not to. I've been blessed with an open minded family, and a wonderful Mother in Law who loves me no matter what I believe and that does help, a lot. I'm very lucky to have that because a lot of Pagans don't have that.

Now, my over all point here is this...

On behalf of the Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, and others who feel embarrassed about the Pentacle being used in such a negative manner, I apologize  To those who did this, shame on you. Shame on you if you don't know about the symbol you used and shame on you if you did. Shame on you for being so disrespectful to a highly regarded religious symbol. Shame on you for pushing the Pagan community 20 steps backwards in the fight to be accepted.

Remember, live your life peacefully, openly. Do not bring hatred to you by feeling you need to forcefully put your beliefs known to others. Do not be negative, do not hold on to anger, learn from the past. Using a hammer to break a wall eventually will work, but you will have a large mess, injuries, sore shoulders and hands, instead, knock on the door, and be heard, someone is always listening.

View the story here -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love....

I wanted to see that movie for the longest time. I saw it first advertised on FB and started getting all giggly and silly about it, showing it to Roger, friends, and just plan sitting in stitches. Well, since we don't do the movies that often, waiting for it to get off demand and on the cable channels has been annoying as hell. Not to mention I ordered the book from PBS and the person never sent, there I was..waiting.

Finally, yesterday, I wake up and sit in the chair waiting for my coffee, having my normal hip pain recovery, and what is on Starz...Eat,Pray,Love!!! Yay!! Only missed 4 minutes, so I didn't move for 2 hours while I finally watched the movie I've been dying to watch.

Now, Eat, Pray, Love got the same negative reviews as other wonderful movies like, The Fountain, City of Joy, and What Dreams May Come, but, just like those movies it was extremely wonderful.  I'm not a huge Julia Roberts fan, all though, I watch most of her movies, but she was so genuine in this movie. The moral of the movie it's self was just outstanding. I know why American critics didn't like it, it was a positive movie, that makes Americans look at themselves and they way we go, go, go and never stop for one moment to breath. We feel we have to EARN our quite time, not just take it. We are so programed to work, pay bills, work, pay bills, that we don't enjoy the, 'Dolce far niente" "pleasure of doing nothing". Such a sweet line of personal enjoyment.

 We, as Americans, focus to much on "earning" everything, EVERYTHING!! In fact, I even tell my children the same thing because it's so programmed into our souls. I tell my girls, "Work first, pleasure later" mmmmm, maybe I should rethink that? Right now, with de schooling, it's a lot of doing nothing, and since I personally stepped down from management, I'm almost doing nothing, but still busy lol. I've begun however to relax much more since stepping down, and to focus on my personal spiritual journey as well. I'm more aware of my children and their growth, however, I'm not earning near the money I'm used to earning lol, guess that's the problem with America, to live you need money, to make money, you need to work, to make the money you need to live here in America, you need to work...A LOT!!

 Such movies as Eat, Pray, Love, The City of Joy, The Fountain, and What Dreams May Come, really make you think...about yourself, your family, your surroundings. I've begun to sit in front of the TV, flipping channels hoping to find a movie like that, often time to great disapointment. Now, I'm still a horror flick fanatic, but, most of my time now is spent only desiring positive re enforcement of life with in my own personal realm. That's why most of the time now, I'm making bread, making butter, cooking dinner, listening to ambient music, meditating, or working to bring my services out more to the Pagan community. I've begun to stop, do nothing, relax, and take in my surroundings. My stresses are not as big as they used to be. When the girl's were in school, and I was managing, I was always trying to achieve something more then where I was. Making the girl's study for tests, homework, CRCTs, making myself set work goals and working consistently to meet them. I never enjoyed cooking for my family then because I was to mentally drained to see the pleasure in it. I never made bread, or worked to learn any organic recipes, because I never had the time to do such pleasures, and, at that time, they weren't pleasures, they were something else I had to work on. Also, funny enough, this is the first time in a LONG time, I'm not worried about money. That's a strange feeling I'm still getting used to.

Remember, you must work to pay bills, but you must breath to survive. Don't let the stresses of making enough money stop you. Look around you, do you REALLY need to order out, do you really NEED that new car, do you really NEED to go to the expensive mall and buy your clothes? I have more ingredients in my cupboards now then pre made food, I have a car that, yes, we are trading in soon, but, for another used car. I have have a job, I still enjoy, but I don't work near as hard on, and am able to enjoy much more, and I'm not as burned out as I was. Also, I'm able to offer myself to my community which I dearly love as I love my family.

Take time today for the docle far niente, you will be amazed the difference...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Education of Little Tree....

My two saplings are a trip. They both are, shall we say, colorful. I love them both dearly and the older they get more excited I am to see them grow into women. I have ups and downs with them like every mom. sometimes I want to just sit and watch their every move and sometimes I want to do sell them away to the gypsys. Of course, knowing my children, they would love that.

Most of the people my age have children under the age of 5, so, it's not to easy to find people I relate to with children my girl's age. When we go out to festivals and all, most of the children are young, and my girl's end up having to play with them, or just sitting bored with the adults. Now, honestly, I don't think my kids mind that much, all though Kathleen is starting to act like her time is the most precious in the universe *rolls eyes* but I wonder am I, through no fault of my own, hindering their growth?

I'm part of a Google homeschooling group for tweens, that's great for Kighla, but, what about Kathleen?  The other homeschooling groups are for young children. Do people not home/un school teens? I admit, there aren't many kids I personally like. I'm not a big kid person. I do have a couple I love dearly, they are just gems, and a few others that are just adorable, but, for the most part, little kids look adorable...with mom and dad. I am going to remedy this in some ways, I'm going to be heading up the NGS Teens group, so, I think that will help a lot. There is a homeschooling drum circle that goes on, but, most children are young that go there. Spiral Scouts...forget it, I've been to a lot, and the oldest was 8 years old. It's like when a child of an alternative lifestyle hits a certain age, they vanish.

 So, my concern is not only the curriculum I need to figure out by September, (that's my personal goal) but also, not having them in school any more is stunting their growth a bit because they no longer have "peers"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Recently I've have not only worked with someone on forgiveness, but my advice was put to the test. Being a Pagan counselor not only do you help others work on their issues, but you find a lot of times that the advice you give usually gets tested not long after you've given that advice.

Funny how that works huh?

Why should we forgive? I hear that question asked more then you would think. There are many reason why we should forgive, but, my question is, why SHOULDN'T we forgive? Not forgiving allows you to hold on to what hurt you, it gives you that permission to hold in that anger or pain. People can get stingy with their emotions, they hold them in, let them sit, fester, and sooner or later, it becomes a part of them. It's easy to hold on to something, you just grab it, and not let go. You can even get caught in the monkey trap with things you hold on to. Forgiveness, TRUE forgiveness allows you to let go, and letting go can be very scary. Think about it, you have held on to something for so long, it's become a part of you, you know that feeling, that emotion. You've adjusted yourself accordingly to how you would react when put in a smiler position, even rehearsed what you would do when confronting the person that hurt you. You've done a lot of work accepting that pain, rejection, hurt, or emotional scare, and that's a lot of time put into it, and you are now comfortable with it all. When you forgive though, all that work you've put into your pain goes to waste. True forgiveness not only makes your work of accepting your pain null and void, it takes that whole emotion away, leaving almost an empty spot inside you.

Forgiveness also has no boundaries all though, some forgiveness is much harder to give then others. It is much easier to forgive someone who talked about you behind your back then to forgive the murder of your family. could you give forgiveness to someone who took your family away from you? I personally can not answer yes or no on that. To even think of it hurts so deeply it takes my breath away. Would I hold in that anger so deeply and tightly it bring me to vengeance? I don't know the answer to that as I'm sure you probably don't know the answer to that for yourself. The fact of the matter is, NOT giving the forgiveness, no matter what the reason, works the same way for everything.

As I was brought to face my demons, and was asked for the forgiveness, I struggled with ever possiable reason of why I should, and why I shouldn't. I got a lot of reasoning on why I shouldn't give what was asked for...I was hurt, I was betrayed, it's been so long why now, my life was emotionally scared, my good name ruined, is this person really meaning what they say, how do I know or how can I trust many many reasons why I shouldn't.

Only 1 reason came to mind that I should.....because it's the right thing to do

I strive to be a good person, to be an open and spiritual person. No, I'm not blind to the world, on the contrary, I know a lot more about the evils of the world then I can to admit. I know the cruelty of humans, how they can ask for forgiveness, then turn around and do it again, just for giggles sometimes. I was asked for my forgiveness, a gift to give the person, a person who had deeply hurt me so many years ago. They asked for my special and original gift. I gave it, freely, openly, and with my whole heart and soul. Does that make me the better person, I don't think so. Does that make me someone who is opening them selves up to more pain? I said I gave forgiveness, I didn't say I completely forgot the reason for the forgiveness. I will say however, once I decided to give my special gift of forgiveness, I felt a difference in my personal core. I felt empty at first, a little firghtened, rather lost on where to go, and then, I understood that I have not only freed that peson of their guilt, but I have freed myself of that burdening pain.

I released myself from my monkey trap

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Friend Looking to Open her Home for Drop In Child Care

 I highly recommend her to anyone,
Tattooed Pagan Mom

As a part-time working mother, I know how hard it is to find quality drop in child care. Do you work part-time and day care centers only want full time children? Are you a stay at home mom who could use reliable responsible care for a couple of hours while you run errands? Have a doctors appointment and don’t want to have your healthy child sit in a waiting room with sick people? Just plain need a break???

I'm Wind and I'm the solution! I’m a work mostly from home mom of a little boy who is under one year old. I have a multitude of experience with children being a former teacher and babysitter of many years. I am currently CPR certified and am available all day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and half days on Fridays. Whether you need an hour to get something done or a whole day of child care, you need a responsible older adult who can provide a loving fun environment to care for your precious treasure.

Zen kids are happy kids, Zen kids have no worries!

~♥~ Please call 678-687-0436 to schedule ~♥~               


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Week to register for the Ostara Incense Workshop!!

Hey there everyone!
This is the last week you have to register for the Ostara incense workshop hosted at Forever and a Day. If you've always wondered how to make incense, and wondered more about how to make CONE incense, this is the class for you. I will be teaching about the beautiful Spring Equinox known as Ostara, then we will all be working together to mold our own cone incense with my own personal recipe using rose water that yields  20+ cones. 
The workshop will be held this Saturday, March 19th from 1pm till 3pm EST. You can call Forever and a Day, ,  to register. Remember, if you pre register, you save $5!
**20% of workshop proceeds go to benefit the Pagan Assistance Fund**
Also, if you plan on going to the NGS Ostara celebration, I do too, and we will have time to do both!! You do NOT need your mortar and pestle in this class, and non latex gloves will be provided.I will also provide the powder incense and the rose water along with all other tools you will need. Just bring yourself and your friends.
Visit the workshops link on A Spiritual Blend, to learn more!
Also, don't forget, we will also be at The Atlanta Pagan Market Place at Sweet Water Creek on March 26, from 11am till 6pm. Stop by, say hey, sniff around at the lovely incense and try on all the beautiful chain mail jewelry!
Hope to see everyone soon!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everythwere the Signs...

Great song, wonderful cover, but, the signs are everywhere in life, not just the ones they talk about in song "Signs" by The Five Man Electrical Band (covered by Tesla) but also signs on where you should take your next step in life. Those signs can be much harder to read, and even something you try not to read. My mom would always say, "God has a plan" and that's hard to swallow when you feel you make your own fate. As I grew though, I understand that yes, there is a plan out there, the thing is though, will you follow that plan? Now THAT'S the $25, 000 question folks.

When you've been given signs in your life to go a certain direction, sometimes it can be extremely scary to follow those signs and take that step. In fact, it can be down right petrifying. Seriously, if life is going so good one way, and you're always getting that little inkling that maybe you should have done something else with your life, why would you want to change things if they are going so well? All though, if you followed your heart, and did what you felt you should be doing, you know you would be SO much happier.....maybe. Yea, when you analyze your choice, the choice gets harder, when the choice gets harder, you don't want to make it, then you are back to ignoring the signs again.

Now, what if the signs are right there slapping you in the face, SMACK! What if you are given the sign to do something completely drastic that can change not only your life, but the life of your family and even possibly your friends. What if it's a sign that says, "Hey, look, you're not doing to friggen hot there, but, take the chance, go over here, walk this path. Yea, there are weeds, and it looks hard, but, I promise, it clears up the further down you follow it." The path you're on already is clear, it is easy to walk, might be up hill the whole way, but, no roots or twigs to clear out of the path, but up hill...a long way. What do you do? Do you take the chance? Do you jump from one path to the other, not really knowing where the other leads you, just trusting that damn inkling? What if people that are hanging out with you on that up hill path get hurt when you jump to the other and leave them behind? Man, WTH, it shouldn't be that hard to choose which way to go in life....should it?

Yes, it should be. Life is a wonderful, hard gift that we are given. You can walk the easy road, or you can take the road less traveled, twigs, roots, and all. You can open yourself up to look for all the signs you are given in life, and follow them step by step, but, no one in their right mind EVER said it would be easy, it's not. It never will be. If it were easy, then how could you respect the rewards you are given in the end? If it were easy, then everyone would be on that perfect path in their life, and not having any life lessons to guide them, and we would all walk around "Blissed" ("V" reference here) and not caring if that pill we take kills us or not.

A lot of things stop a person from following the signs, and,  taking the road less traveled, being screwed over before is a BIG one. It's my excuse too. You've taken chances before, and you got screwed, out of money, out of security, out of a good reputation, even out of love. You lost things when you took that last chance, and loosing something else isn't something that is high on your "To Do' list. Who can blame you, I know I can't. When you're been hurt, and maybe even still raw, why put yourself in that situation where it could happen again. You're right, so, moosey on into your safe little cabin in the woods, and hide. That way you can be safe and secure and no one will come into your life offering you companionship on your journey, or support on any new endeavors. You can be alone, holding on to what you have with a grip of monkey, but never getting your hand out of that hole.

Following the signs in your life is not easy, it's down right scary as hell. Especially when you have no EARTHLY CLUE what you're going to do if you take that risk, jump off that well traveled path, on to the ones with the twigs and rocks, and it fails. You stumble, you fall, you break a leg, and you can't jump back to the other path and continue on like you were. I like making my own fate, always have, and a lot of times, I've screwed up MAJORLY doing that. Not because I didn't follow the signs, but because when I did follow the signs, I just went where it pointed, I didn't read the signs under it;
Tread carefully
Don't feed the bears
Warning, bridge may ice in winter
I just ran through, not knowing what I needed to look out for so I could avoid the dangers that are on this new path. The well traveled path, you know the dangers, other people have traveled it before, but, when you follow the signs to the path you are to take, well, then, you need to have a keen eye, because part of making a new path in your life, is clearing out the rummage

Good Luck

Sunday, March 6, 2011

World's Greatest Smoothie

This morning I made the best smoothie ever...EVER!!!

Cup alomond milk
1 banana sliced
1 peach 
cap full of pure vanilla
scoop of Whey protein powder
Mix, and enjoy!!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Friend Made Me Think...

She reads this blog too, so, I hope she doesn't mind me posting this. I won't use names ;)

 During a chat with a friend of mine she made a question/comment, "Do you ever get that feeling you're being thrown under a bus?" I come back with the answer of, "Yes" and I do have that feeling a lot. In fact, so much I don't even think about it anymore. The conversation continued on with comments here and there, but the one thing that really made me think was she was willing to welcome loosing everything for a clean slate. Now, that's just paraphrasing, and don't read to deep into it. The way it made me think was this, maybe loosing everything isn't such a bad thing. She was talking about being strong with it, ready for the challenge. She had such a strong and confident attitude towards it I was almost cheering her on like, yes, do it, loose everything, take the challenge. Then, my response back to her of, "I can't handle loosing one more thing" made me see something in myself that I haven't been able to see, after everything I've been through, maybe I CAN handle loosing one more thing.

 I've had some very dramatic looses the past couple of years, nothing to go into, but, they were dramatic and life changing. I was fighting depression due to it, and came close to giving up. Something in me, maybe my husband, maybe my children, kept me going. I don't know what, maybe it was my deep seeded belief of a life lesson I must learn. I don't know what kept me going, but I continued, blind a lot, but I was moving.

 The past few months have been wonderful, finding a balance with work, family, and my very active spiritual life now, and it hasn't been easy, but, for some reason, this time around, I'm not worried. I told her I understand how she feels on the bus comment because I'm always used to the good things I get going bad, my bubble popping. This time, I don't have that worry, and if I did, I think it would be like her, I would feel it, but instead of freaking out over it, I would be in a "bring it on" state of mind like her.

You never know when an idle conversation can make a person think about themselves. I've been going 90mph lately, haven't stopped to see how I'm doing on my trip, just enjoying the ride. Enjoying the ride, and not worrying about the pot holes, is a first for me. So, yea, I think I'm right there with her, if things are gonna throw me under the bus....BRING IT ON!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Me? A Kitchen Witch?

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out how to keep my family healthy and stay within budget at the same time considering it costs an arm and a leg to go completely organic with a family of 5 (that includes my brother). So, I've first been following a friend of mine's blog, , who is Vegan and she has such wonderful recipes. She has also helped me learn to make home made almond milk, YUM! I've also been thinking what can I make at home to save a bit of cash....BREAD! That is my first venture. Ok, so, it took me 3 tries, finding a new recipe, and some arm work to get it right, but last night I made 2 loaves that I have to admit, are pretty damn good! *pat pat* Also, yesterday, I made rose water for my new incense blend for Ostara, got laundry done, cleaned the house, and it all felt so wonderful to do. That evening, while I'm setting up my almonds to soak over night for more almond milk this week, I'm thinking what else I can make to save money and stay healthy, BUTTER!!!

Then, it hit me, I'm becoming a Kitchen Witch!!! ACK!!!

 Kitchen Witch's are the June Cleaver of the Pagan world. They have home made everything, they work with herbs for healing and magickal, they have a very magickal home with books and spinning wheels, and, and.....oh lawd, I have all that (excluding the spinning wheel, all though, I'm learning to knit). Me though, a Kitchen Witch, please. I'm not exactly the most house wifeish of people. I cuss, I drink, I smoke (yes, I smoke, don't give me any crap please, it's my last vice to give up...if you only knew), I don't really keep my kids away from R rated books or movies, (unless it's really bad, I do have to watch them first to make a judgment) I don't go around in skirts all day talking to the Fairies, ok, well, maybe I do talk to the Fairies but I don't go around in skirts all day, I'm a pj's woman! I'm me, I'm the former bad ass, the one who speaks her mind no matter what people think, the one who still, after almost 20 years, has recovering drug brain.

 Who am I kidding? I like this change, and I'm frolicking along with every step.

 I have envied a friend of mine for years who grows herbs, makes home made salves and all. I've always wondered who I "really" was on the Path and all though I love Celtic and the Eastern/Middle Eastern cultures, I've always found myself day dreaming of making my own bread, walking by the creek barefoot, talking with the Faires, and growing my own herbs and teaching my girls to do the same. I've always read books on, Hedge Witch, Green Witch, Fey Magick, and I always "wanted" to be that person, that type of Witch. Making bread and rose water yesterday while cleaning and doing laundry really brought out a different side in me. It was a beautiful day, warm, sunny, and I felt the magick in the air. Walking through my house now, with the left over smell of fresh baked bread lingering in the air along with the consistent smell of incense in my home, and the looking at my hearth and seeing the dried Mistletoe and the drying rose bud hanging there, I relaize, I'm taking the steps to being who I wanted to become on this Path for 18 years.....

A Kitchen Witch!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Such lovely happenings in one store...

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to buy knitting needles and yarn because the girls, and myself, want to learn to knit. I do love going into Hobby Lobby, it's such a relaxing feeling when I go in there. I enjoy going there by myself too because I can get lost in my own mind and get ideas on things I wouldn't have thought of with other people around me. Today however, had a little difference in it.

I'm walking down the isle and I see a beautiful little girl sitting in the buggy. She couldn't be no more then maybe 2, and she was sticking her head around the corner smiling at another person yelling, "Hey! Hey!". Her mother and grandmother were looking at something I didn't notice, speaking to each other about it in Spanish. Seeing that little girl yelling Hey was adorable in itself, but, when I ws a few feet away, I heard the mother begin to sing with her little girl, Frère Jacques, in Spanish. It was at that moment where I took a moment to be grateful that I live where a Hispanic woman openly sings to her daughter a French song in Spanish in an English speaking country. I just felt how lucky I was  to vicariously share a moment like that with them. 

Then, as I was checking out, a women who was ahead of me was such a beautifully positive person. She just had nothing but goodness coming out of her. When she finished checking out she told the cashier, "Thank you, you have been a blessing in my life at this moment, I truly appreciate who you are, and thank you for being in my life at this time" then she turns to me and says, "Thank you for being so patient, you are a wonderful person for that" I couldn't help but smile and say thank you and told her to have a wonderful day and she comes back, smiles, and tells a joke;

What do you get when you cross yeast with shoe polish?
Rise and Shine!!

LOL, yes, I know it was silly, but just knowing I met a woman with such warmth and love and positivity, that joke made me laugh like it was the best joke I ever heard

It was just so good to be apart of things today, to hear, and meet such beautiful people, if only for a moment. When you're able to stop for a moment and just listen to the world, you will see beauty and peace is always around you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gaining Focus

I have a bit of a fear with my journey in home/un schooling the girls, my focus....or lack there of. I've always claimed myself as the Queen of Procrastination, like right now, I should be working but instead, I'm blogging lol. I have a lot that I do in my life, being active in the Pagan community through various groups, getting my store off the ground and the different festivals we plan to have a booth at for the store, workshops, and soon online teaching. That doesn't include all the other things that aren't mentioned here. I love EVERYTHING I do, please understand, and my plate isn't to full considering everything I do is what I want to do, however, my focus is lacking in some areas, the "paying" job is one of them.

 I work from home, (don't ask what I do, it won't be mentioned here due to it's odd nature) and it's a regular paying job, commission based, however, I've done it over 4 years, and I'm management, so, honestly, I do rather well. Also, let me mention, I LOVE my job, I do, I LOVE it! It's fun, exciting, it's different, and it pays well, so, why can I not focus on it to get the money I need to be able to do all the above things that  I'm trying to develop so I can get paid for them instead?

I spout to the girls all the time, work before leisure, responsibilities MUST be taken care of in order to have your personal time and be able to enjoy it. I hate to say it, but it takes money to be able to live comfortably and to make money you must work. What kind of parent am I to bash this into my children's brains and then turn around and neglect  the one job I have that pays me well and consistently? I don't want to be one of those parents to have the phrase of "Do as I say not as I do" attached to them. However, I have such an issue with trying to direct my focus on the things that help me pay for my things that I want to develop into a life long and dependable career. It's hard, and I don't have an answer, at least, not an answer that will solve this issue without doing something that I should be doing anyway, which is MAKE it my focus.

 That's the downfall with being a Spiritual adviser, I know what I need to do to make this work. I know the answers I would give someone who came to me with the same issues, but, doing it myself, well, that's the hard part. Yes, meditation, focal gazing, even burning incense only directed towards my job. So many things I can do, but getting me to do them is hard. So, I worry, will my children see this and follow in my footsteps and grow into the Queen of Procrastination, or will they see how I struggle day to day and say, I refuse to be that way and I will take a stand and keep my eye on the ball.

 I don't know, but, what I do know is, I may struggle with this issue, but I will win over this issue. I will find a way to combate my flaw and work to bring that balance I so love into my life on this issue. I refuse to just post on here, "I have no focus", and not work to grab what I need to gain focus.

(I feel like playing "I Will Survive" now...go figure)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Get Ready To RUMMMBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was explaining to the girls yesterday their new lesson that will be done every week, and Kathleen decided she wasn't to terribly happy about it. I'm still very new at home/un schooling my girls so things are changing a lot to get a good footing on things. I was having them, Monday thru Friday, find a topic to research and write about what they learned, well, they were copying things down and not putting it into their own words. So, I decided to change that up and give them a topic each week for an essay to do. Now, the essay will have rules, no less then 200 words, a certain amount of facts, correct spelling and punctuation. They must research, take notes, make a rouch draft, have someone proof read it for them, then a final draft. This will all count for language arts of course.

Now, it wasn't that Kathleen hates to write, on the contrary, she is working on her book right now which is already past 87 pages. So, writing is not the issue here. The issue that she had was a requirement on the word amount. Now, that seams like something that a parent could say, well, sorry love, there are rules to follow in this world and you must learn to follow rules, and in a nut shell that's basically how what I said. Understand though, she was mighty set on this...MIGHTY set.

 Now, a little about Kathleen, she is a VERY independent person, always has been. Even as a baby she did what she did, you put her on a blanket with one toy and she was fine for hours. You take the toy away, set her alone on the blanket, she was still fine. In PreK, the teacher was amazed how she would come into class and do her own thing and the kids would go to her, not the other way around. She never worried about being alone, or being surrounded by people. Grounding her is pretty much a waste of time, she lives in her own world and it doesn't bother her. We took everything away from her, and she was fine with that. She is a person of extreme independence. Which can, and is becoming a problem.

 Kathleen does not play well with other....

 No, she isn't rude, mean, or uncaring, on the contrary, she is a very caring loving person, it's just that she doesn't like other people helping her on anything. She feels she can do it better alone. She likes her world her way, and doesn't allow any else to have an opinion when you enter her world, and by god don't give her rules, she will debate you till the cows come home.

Now, back to the topic at hand, when I gave her the rules to the essays, she got that serious look, put her hands on her hips, and told me rather calmly, "No, do not give me a limit on what I can and can't do" that was like the guy at WWF yelling, "Let's get ready to RUMMMMMBLLLLEEEEEE!" So, instead of flipping out, cause for some reason, I LOVE when a teen puts their foot down an says no, I ask her why. She has some good points, she write more then that anyway, but, she is very good at finding all the facts and putting them in a great essay without it having to be so many words. She was wondering how she is going to know if she has hit 200 words...uhhh, count. She, I listened to all she had to say, some was reaching for a reason, some were valid points. So, now we have a bet. She is to make informative, all the required facts must be in there, punctuation and spelling correct. If she can meet those standards , she doesn't have to follow the word limit.

 I will keep you posted!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Juno and Valentine's Day

The Romans celebrated a holiday on February 14th to honor Juno Fructifier, Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses as well as goddess of marriage. In one ritual, women would submit their names to a common box and men would each draw one out. These two would be a couple for the duration of the festival (and at times for the entire following year). Both rituals were designed to promote not only fertility, but also life generally.
So, Valentine's Day.

I ask Roger this morning, "Does Valentine's Day make you happy to have 3 women to come home to, or does it make you wish you had a son?"

His response, "Nope, Valentine's Day makes me wish I had 2 sons!"

LOL, I'm not really big on Valentine's Day, not that I'm a sour puss or anything, but, more of I like the surprise show of affection more then  the designated day. Of course, I'm a sap, I love the chick flicks that show all day, and the people who are able to reunite with loved ones today. Wanna see me cry like a bitch, show me a soldier surprise his wife and children by coming home on Valentine's Day, yea, that pulls the heart strings.

 I also don't look much into the Pagan affiliation with Valentine's Day. I always knew it was related to Juno, and the Roman tradition, but it wasn't something I would really set a ritual for and place in my BOS, however, to stop and think for a moment, what a wonderful day to thank Juno for the blessings of love in general. Everyone loves something or someone, no one is without love. Love is a very powerful word. If someone, a stranger, approached you on the street and told you they loved you, how would you react? Or is someone you know is angry and totally going ballistic, how would they react if you just blurted out to them, "I love you". Yes, it's that powerful, one word, one emotion, that powerful. 

 So, yea, I might make a time today to just meditate on the word love, how it makes me feel, how it affects the world. Sounds like a good essay for my kids as well. Hmmmm, kind of makes you rethink Valentine's Day doesn't it?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Question of the Day - "Is Pagan Parenting Really So Different?"

Or, is it only as different as we, Pagan Parents, make it?

My thoughts on this is that it's is but isn't. My reasoning here is that, yes, my kids know about Athames, Chalices, Elements, Gods/ess and they know when to call someone Mr or Mrs and when to call them Lord or Lady, but, when I think deeply about it, is it really so different then a child who has grown up in a Christian environment? The ones who go to church on a regular basis know what an offering plate is, know what a pew is, know what a Bible is, and they know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost along with who to call Mr and who to call Reverend/Pastor/Father and so on.

 So, yes, we do have some other difference that are rather notable, dancing around the bon fires is one big one. I don't think you will see a Christian child doing that while holding mommy's hand, do you? But, let's look at some other things that might be different.

Prejudice remarks from the uneducated; My youngest has a little Militant that she is going through right now, an she was wearing a gift that was given to her by a close friend to school, (a small Pentacle charm) and she had some friends tell her that's the "sign of the Devil" So, she got rather, "angry" about that. Understand, my children have been in circle since I was pregnant with them, so, they know about how people aren't  always educated, and think the drastic sometimes, so, I had to remind her of that. I don't think you will hear of a Christian mother having to calm her child cause they were told they were wearing a sign of the Devil one day.

So, back to the question at hand, is it REALLY all that different?

Me personally, as those who know me know, I'm not the most normal "mom" and Roger isn't the most normal "dad" but, we still have the same values and dreams as all the other Parents in the world. We want our girls to be happy, to be safe, and to follow their dreams and become strong, independent people who live through love and kindness. Our Spiritual choices are not part of the Pep Boys of religion, however, they are not much diferent when it comes to Parenting. My kids still have to clean their room and do the dishes, just sometimes they have to help me cleanse the Circle as well and wash the Chalice with the dishes.

Give me your opinion, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this. I just live my life, and so do my kids, but I know some Parents see it differently and I would love to hear more!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thud Thud Thud of little feet...

All day long I've done nothing but cuddle up in the wolf bankie and watch, or better, dooze while listening to the celebration in Egypt. Now, I say dooze because I didn't make it past 20 minutes of sleep each time because of the lovely THUDS of 2 bored kids coming in and out of the living room. (Roger is working tonight so I had to rest on the couch)

My favorite thing though was when Kighla goes, "Shhhhhhhh, Mommy's asleep" while she is standing over me and trying to whisper/hollar down the hall. uggggggggg

So, needless to say, besides my head and my throat, I feel a bit better. Fever broke, a few times, and if I add up all the minutes I think I got about 5 hours of rest today. So, I, after sucking down some tea, inhaling more tea tree and eucalyptus then I care to, and my second dose of Mydol, (yes, my Aunt came to visit the same time) am ready for a solid meal of grits and eggs and then back to sleep.

A journey begun...

Today has been a very odd day. First off, I'm sick, very sick, but I'm thinking so clearly on getting things set up for my new home/un schooling journey I want to share with others that it's boggling my mind.

So, to clarify before I continue, I always put home/un schooling my daughters due to the fact this is new to me, and at this time, I'm not currently set up with a curriculum or schedule for teaching my daughters, plus, the full un schooling experience isn't for me. So, most likely, you will see me putting home/un schooling or eclectic schooling when I speak about home schooling.

The difference is very easy to understand in basic text;

Home Schooling; teaching children at home with the basic required curriculum through a scheduled time

Un Schooling; allowing children to choose their own subjects of learning without disapline or a set curriculum or schedule

Of course, I'm just paraphrasing, if you would like more information between the 2 you can of course call upon the mighty God Google.

This blog will be more then just about home/un schooling, but about how I'm able to balance that with family, marriage, an online business, my paying job, (which will never be mentioned on this blog due to it's you want to know, just ask, I might let you in on the joke) and being VERY active in the Pagan community.

So, as I will wright more later, I'm going to go and see if my throat can handle a smoothie and probably take another nap. Send me some healing energy, I haven't been this sick in a long time, and feel free to share this blog or your personal comments.

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