Friday, February 11, 2011

A journey begun...

Today has been a very odd day. First off, I'm sick, very sick, but I'm thinking so clearly on getting things set up for my new home/un schooling journey I want to share with others that it's boggling my mind.

So, to clarify before I continue, I always put home/un schooling my daughters due to the fact this is new to me, and at this time, I'm not currently set up with a curriculum or schedule for teaching my daughters, plus, the full un schooling experience isn't for me. So, most likely, you will see me putting home/un schooling or eclectic schooling when I speak about home schooling.

The difference is very easy to understand in basic text;

Home Schooling; teaching children at home with the basic required curriculum through a scheduled time

Un Schooling; allowing children to choose their own subjects of learning without disapline or a set curriculum or schedule

Of course, I'm just paraphrasing, if you would like more information between the 2 you can of course call upon the mighty God Google.

This blog will be more then just about home/un schooling, but about how I'm able to balance that with family, marriage, an online business, my paying job, (which will never be mentioned on this blog due to it's you want to know, just ask, I might let you in on the joke) and being VERY active in the Pagan community.

So, as I will wright more later, I'm going to go and see if my throat can handle a smoothie and probably take another nap. Send me some healing energy, I haven't been this sick in a long time, and feel free to share this blog or your personal comments.


  1. Onions and garlic have great antibiotic properties. If you have a cough cook some onions down til they are transparent then add honey, jar it and take spoonful every few hours or when cough starts.

  2. Thanks so much, I'll have to keep that for next time.


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