Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Get Ready To RUMMMBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was explaining to the girls yesterday their new lesson that will be done every week, and Kathleen decided she wasn't to terribly happy about it. I'm still very new at home/un schooling my girls so things are changing a lot to get a good footing on things. I was having them, Monday thru Friday, find a topic to research and write about what they learned, well, they were copying things down and not putting it into their own words. So, I decided to change that up and give them a topic each week for an essay to do. Now, the essay will have rules, no less then 200 words, a certain amount of facts, correct spelling and punctuation. They must research, take notes, make a rouch draft, have someone proof read it for them, then a final draft. This will all count for language arts of course.

Now, it wasn't that Kathleen hates to write, on the contrary, she is working on her book right now which is already past 87 pages. So, writing is not the issue here. The issue that she had was a requirement on the word amount. Now, that seams like something that a parent could say, well, sorry love, there are rules to follow in this world and you must learn to follow rules, and in a nut shell that's basically how what I said. Understand though, she was mighty set on this...MIGHTY set.

 Now, a little about Kathleen, she is a VERY independent person, always has been. Even as a baby she did what she did, you put her on a blanket with one toy and she was fine for hours. You take the toy away, set her alone on the blanket, she was still fine. In PreK, the teacher was amazed how she would come into class and do her own thing and the kids would go to her, not the other way around. She never worried about being alone, or being surrounded by people. Grounding her is pretty much a waste of time, she lives in her own world and it doesn't bother her. We took everything away from her, and she was fine with that. She is a person of extreme independence. Which can, and is becoming a problem.

 Kathleen does not play well with other....

 No, she isn't rude, mean, or uncaring, on the contrary, she is a very caring loving person, it's just that she doesn't like other people helping her on anything. She feels she can do it better alone. She likes her world her way, and doesn't allow any else to have an opinion when you enter her world, and by god don't give her rules, she will debate you till the cows come home.

Now, back to the topic at hand, when I gave her the rules to the essays, she got that serious look, put her hands on her hips, and told me rather calmly, "No, do not give me a limit on what I can and can't do" that was like the guy at WWF yelling, "Let's get ready to RUMMMMMBLLLLEEEEEE!" So, instead of flipping out, cause for some reason, I LOVE when a teen puts their foot down an says no, I ask her why. She has some good points, she write more then that anyway, but, she is very good at finding all the facts and putting them in a great essay without it having to be so many words. She was wondering how she is going to know if she has hit 200 words...uhhh, count. She, I listened to all she had to say, some was reaching for a reason, some were valid points. So, now we have a bet. She is to make informative, all the required facts must be in there, punctuation and spelling correct. If she can meet those standards , she doesn't have to follow the word limit.

 I will keep you posted!!


  1. Just wait till she does what I do in college- a professor gives us a page limit and I laugh, because I always know I am going to go over it and not repeat myself once.

  2. This is very true.
    She already has notes, an outline completed and is still looking for more at leisure time because she found some things she is just curious about looking up now. She's an entity of her own I tell ya that.


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