Monday, February 21, 2011

Me? A Kitchen Witch?

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out how to keep my family healthy and stay within budget at the same time considering it costs an arm and a leg to go completely organic with a family of 5 (that includes my brother). So, I've first been following a friend of mine's blog, , who is Vegan and she has such wonderful recipes. She has also helped me learn to make home made almond milk, YUM! I've also been thinking what can I make at home to save a bit of cash....BREAD! That is my first venture. Ok, so, it took me 3 tries, finding a new recipe, and some arm work to get it right, but last night I made 2 loaves that I have to admit, are pretty damn good! *pat pat* Also, yesterday, I made rose water for my new incense blend for Ostara, got laundry done, cleaned the house, and it all felt so wonderful to do. That evening, while I'm setting up my almonds to soak over night for more almond milk this week, I'm thinking what else I can make to save money and stay healthy, BUTTER!!!

Then, it hit me, I'm becoming a Kitchen Witch!!! ACK!!!

 Kitchen Witch's are the June Cleaver of the Pagan world. They have home made everything, they work with herbs for healing and magickal, they have a very magickal home with books and spinning wheels, and, and.....oh lawd, I have all that (excluding the spinning wheel, all though, I'm learning to knit). Me though, a Kitchen Witch, please. I'm not exactly the most house wifeish of people. I cuss, I drink, I smoke (yes, I smoke, don't give me any crap please, it's my last vice to give up...if you only knew), I don't really keep my kids away from R rated books or movies, (unless it's really bad, I do have to watch them first to make a judgment) I don't go around in skirts all day talking to the Fairies, ok, well, maybe I do talk to the Fairies but I don't go around in skirts all day, I'm a pj's woman! I'm me, I'm the former bad ass, the one who speaks her mind no matter what people think, the one who still, after almost 20 years, has recovering drug brain.

 Who am I kidding? I like this change, and I'm frolicking along with every step.

 I have envied a friend of mine for years who grows herbs, makes home made salves and all. I've always wondered who I "really" was on the Path and all though I love Celtic and the Eastern/Middle Eastern cultures, I've always found myself day dreaming of making my own bread, walking by the creek barefoot, talking with the Faires, and growing my own herbs and teaching my girls to do the same. I've always read books on, Hedge Witch, Green Witch, Fey Magick, and I always "wanted" to be that person, that type of Witch. Making bread and rose water yesterday while cleaning and doing laundry really brought out a different side in me. It was a beautiful day, warm, sunny, and I felt the magick in the air. Walking through my house now, with the left over smell of fresh baked bread lingering in the air along with the consistent smell of incense in my home, and the looking at my hearth and seeing the dried Mistletoe and the drying rose bud hanging there, I relaize, I'm taking the steps to being who I wanted to become on this Path for 18 years.....

A Kitchen Witch!!


  1. Try the Artisanal Bread in 5 Minutes a Day method. I've made bread for years but this way has changed everything - it is SO easy.
    They have a book on Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day too - I'm getting it any day now. :)

    Red Star Yeast has a video of the basic method on the site, but to really get into it, check out the book. Highly recommend. :)

    I like your blog, it speaks of a beautiful life. :)

  2. Very cool!
    I'm working right now out of the Kitchen Witches cookbook by Patricia Telesco, I had it for years, but just now really cracking it open. Also, trying to remember the way my Granny taught me too. I'll have to take a look at that book, I'm sure I'll own it one day.
    Thanks for the nice comment about my blog, that means a lot. I'm truly enjoying myself and my life so much.


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