Saturday, February 12, 2011

Question of the Day - "Is Pagan Parenting Really So Different?"

Or, is it only as different as we, Pagan Parents, make it?

My thoughts on this is that it's is but isn't. My reasoning here is that, yes, my kids know about Athames, Chalices, Elements, Gods/ess and they know when to call someone Mr or Mrs and when to call them Lord or Lady, but, when I think deeply about it, is it really so different then a child who has grown up in a Christian environment? The ones who go to church on a regular basis know what an offering plate is, know what a pew is, know what a Bible is, and they know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost along with who to call Mr and who to call Reverend/Pastor/Father and so on.

 So, yes, we do have some other difference that are rather notable, dancing around the bon fires is one big one. I don't think you will see a Christian child doing that while holding mommy's hand, do you? But, let's look at some other things that might be different.

Prejudice remarks from the uneducated; My youngest has a little Militant that she is going through right now, an she was wearing a gift that was given to her by a close friend to school, (a small Pentacle charm) and she had some friends tell her that's the "sign of the Devil" So, she got rather, "angry" about that. Understand, my children have been in circle since I was pregnant with them, so, they know about how people aren't  always educated, and think the drastic sometimes, so, I had to remind her of that. I don't think you will hear of a Christian mother having to calm her child cause they were told they were wearing a sign of the Devil one day.

So, back to the question at hand, is it REALLY all that different?

Me personally, as those who know me know, I'm not the most normal "mom" and Roger isn't the most normal "dad" but, we still have the same values and dreams as all the other Parents in the world. We want our girls to be happy, to be safe, and to follow their dreams and become strong, independent people who live through love and kindness. Our Spiritual choices are not part of the Pep Boys of religion, however, they are not much diferent when it comes to Parenting. My kids still have to clean their room and do the dishes, just sometimes they have to help me cleanse the Circle as well and wash the Chalice with the dishes.

Give me your opinion, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this. I just live my life, and so do my kids, but I know some Parents see it differently and I would love to hear more!!!

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