Thursday, February 17, 2011

Such lovely happenings in one store...

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to buy knitting needles and yarn because the girls, and myself, want to learn to knit. I do love going into Hobby Lobby, it's such a relaxing feeling when I go in there. I enjoy going there by myself too because I can get lost in my own mind and get ideas on things I wouldn't have thought of with other people around me. Today however, had a little difference in it.

I'm walking down the isle and I see a beautiful little girl sitting in the buggy. She couldn't be no more then maybe 2, and she was sticking her head around the corner smiling at another person yelling, "Hey! Hey!". Her mother and grandmother were looking at something I didn't notice, speaking to each other about it in Spanish. Seeing that little girl yelling Hey was adorable in itself, but, when I ws a few feet away, I heard the mother begin to sing with her little girl, Frère Jacques, in Spanish. It was at that moment where I took a moment to be grateful that I live where a Hispanic woman openly sings to her daughter a French song in Spanish in an English speaking country. I just felt how lucky I was  to vicariously share a moment like that with them. 

Then, as I was checking out, a women who was ahead of me was such a beautifully positive person. She just had nothing but goodness coming out of her. When she finished checking out she told the cashier, "Thank you, you have been a blessing in my life at this moment, I truly appreciate who you are, and thank you for being in my life at this time" then she turns to me and says, "Thank you for being so patient, you are a wonderful person for that" I couldn't help but smile and say thank you and told her to have a wonderful day and she comes back, smiles, and tells a joke;

What do you get when you cross yeast with shoe polish?
Rise and Shine!!

LOL, yes, I know it was silly, but just knowing I met a woman with such warmth and love and positivity, that joke made me laugh like it was the best joke I ever heard

It was just so good to be apart of things today, to hear, and meet such beautiful people, if only for a moment. When you're able to stop for a moment and just listen to the world, you will see beauty and peace is always around you.

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