Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Recently I've have not only worked with someone on forgiveness, but my advice was put to the test. Being a Pagan counselor not only do you help others work on their issues, but you find a lot of times that the advice you give usually gets tested not long after you've given that advice.

Funny how that works huh?

Why should we forgive? I hear that question asked more then you would think. There are many reason why we should forgive, but, my question is, why SHOULDN'T we forgive? Not forgiving allows you to hold on to what hurt you, it gives you that permission to hold in that anger or pain. People can get stingy with their emotions, they hold them in, let them sit, fester, and sooner or later, it becomes a part of them. It's easy to hold on to something, you just grab it, and not let go. You can even get caught in the monkey trap with things you hold on to. Forgiveness, TRUE forgiveness allows you to let go, and letting go can be very scary. Think about it, you have held on to something for so long, it's become a part of you, you know that feeling, that emotion. You've adjusted yourself accordingly to how you would react when put in a smiler position, even rehearsed what you would do when confronting the person that hurt you. You've done a lot of work accepting that pain, rejection, hurt, or emotional scare, and that's a lot of time put into it, and you are now comfortable with it all. When you forgive though, all that work you've put into your pain goes to waste. True forgiveness not only makes your work of accepting your pain null and void, it takes that whole emotion away, leaving almost an empty spot inside you.

Forgiveness also has no boundaries all though, some forgiveness is much harder to give then others. It is much easier to forgive someone who talked about you behind your back then to forgive the murder of your family. could you give forgiveness to someone who took your family away from you? I personally can not answer yes or no on that. To even think of it hurts so deeply it takes my breath away. Would I hold in that anger so deeply and tightly it bring me to vengeance? I don't know the answer to that as I'm sure you probably don't know the answer to that for yourself. The fact of the matter is, NOT giving the forgiveness, no matter what the reason, works the same way for everything.

As I was brought to face my demons, and was asked for the forgiveness, I struggled with ever possiable reason of why I should, and why I shouldn't. I got a lot of reasoning on why I shouldn't give what was asked for...I was hurt, I was betrayed, it's been so long why now, my life was emotionally scared, my good name ruined, is this person really meaning what they say, how do I know or how can I trust them....so many many reasons why I shouldn't.

Only 1 reason came to mind that I should.....because it's the right thing to do

I strive to be a good person, to be an open and spiritual person. No, I'm not blind to the world, on the contrary, I know a lot more about the evils of the world then I can to admit. I know the cruelty of humans, how they can ask for forgiveness, then turn around and do it again, just for giggles sometimes. I was asked for my forgiveness, a gift to give the person, a person who had deeply hurt me so many years ago. They asked for my special and original gift. I gave it, freely, openly, and with my whole heart and soul. Does that make me the better person, I don't think so. Does that make me someone who is opening them selves up to more pain? I said I gave forgiveness, I didn't say I completely forgot the reason for the forgiveness. I will say however, once I decided to give my special gift of forgiveness, I felt a difference in my personal core. I felt empty at first, a little firghtened, rather lost on where to go, and then, I understood that I have not only freed that peson of their guilt, but I have freed myself of that burdening pain.

I released myself from my monkey trap

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Friend Looking to Open her Home for Drop In Child Care

 I highly recommend her to anyone,
Tattooed Pagan Mom

As a part-time working mother, I know how hard it is to find quality drop in child care. Do you work part-time and day care centers only want full time children? Are you a stay at home mom who could use reliable responsible care for a couple of hours while you run errands? Have a doctors appointment and don’t want to have your healthy child sit in a waiting room with sick people? Just plain need a break???

I'm Wind and I'm the solution! I’m a work mostly from home mom of a little boy who is under one year old. I have a multitude of experience with children being a former teacher and babysitter of many years. I am currently CPR certified and am available all day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and half days on Fridays. Whether you need an hour to get something done or a whole day of child care, you need a responsible older adult who can provide a loving fun environment to care for your precious treasure.

Zen kids are happy kids, Zen kids have no worries!

~♥~ Please call 678-687-0436 to schedule ~♥~               


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Week to register for the Ostara Incense Workshop!!

Hey there everyone!
This is the last week you have to register for the Ostara incense workshop hosted at Forever and a Day. If you've always wondered how to make incense, and wondered more about how to make CONE incense, this is the class for you. I will be teaching about the beautiful Spring Equinox known as Ostara, then we will all be working together to mold our own cone incense with my own personal recipe using rose water that yields  20+ cones. 
The workshop will be held this Saturday, March 19th from 1pm till 3pm EST. You can call Forever and a Day, http://foreverandaday.biz/ ,  to register. Remember, if you pre register, you save $5!
**20% of workshop proceeds go to benefit the Pagan Assistance Fund**
Also, if you plan on going to the NGS Ostara celebration, I do too, and we will have time to do both!! You do NOT need your mortar and pestle in this class, and non latex gloves will be provided.I will also provide the powder incense and the rose water along with all other tools you will need. Just bring yourself and your friends.
Visit the workshops link on A Spiritual Blend, http://www.aspiritualblend.com/incense-workshops.html to learn more!
Also, don't forget, we will also be at The Atlanta Pagan Market Place at Sweet Water Creek on March 26, from 11am till 6pm. Stop by, say hey, sniff around at the lovely incense and try on all the beautiful chain mail jewelry!
Hope to see everyone soon!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everythwere the Signs...

Great song, wonderful cover, but, the signs are everywhere in life, not just the ones they talk about in song "Signs" by The Five Man Electrical Band (covered by Tesla) but also signs on where you should take your next step in life. Those signs can be much harder to read, and even something you try not to read. My mom would always say, "God has a plan" and that's hard to swallow when you feel you make your own fate. As I grew though, I understand that yes, there is a plan out there, the thing is though, will you follow that plan? Now THAT'S the $25, 000 question folks.

When you've been given signs in your life to go a certain direction, sometimes it can be extremely scary to follow those signs and take that step. In fact, it can be down right petrifying. Seriously, if life is going so good one way, and you're always getting that little inkling that maybe you should have done something else with your life, why would you want to change things if they are going so well? All though, if you followed your heart, and did what you felt you should be doing, you know you would be SO much happier.....maybe. Yea, when you analyze your choice, the choice gets harder, when the choice gets harder, you don't want to make it, then you are back to ignoring the signs again.

Now, what if the signs are right there slapping you in the face, SMACK! What if you are given the sign to do something completely drastic that can change not only your life, but the life of your family and even possibly your friends. What if it's a sign that says, "Hey, look, you're not doing to friggen hot there, but, take the chance, go over here, walk this path. Yea, there are weeds, and it looks hard, but, I promise, it clears up the further down you follow it." The path you're on already is clear, it is easy to walk, might be up hill the whole way, but, no roots or twigs to clear out of the path, but up hill...a long way. What do you do? Do you take the chance? Do you jump from one path to the other, not really knowing where the other leads you, just trusting that damn inkling? What if people that are hanging out with you on that up hill path get hurt when you jump to the other and leave them behind? Man, WTH, it shouldn't be that hard to choose which way to go in life....should it?

Yes, it should be. Life is a wonderful, hard gift that we are given. You can walk the easy road, or you can take the road less traveled, twigs, roots, and all. You can open yourself up to look for all the signs you are given in life, and follow them step by step, but, no one in their right mind EVER said it would be easy, it's not. It never will be. If it were easy, then how could you respect the rewards you are given in the end? If it were easy, then everyone would be on that perfect path in their life, and not having any life lessons to guide them, and we would all walk around "Blissed" ("V" reference here) and not caring if that pill we take kills us or not.

A lot of things stop a person from following the signs, and,  taking the road less traveled, being screwed over before is a BIG one. It's my excuse too. You've taken chances before, and you got screwed, out of money, out of security, out of a good reputation, even out of love. You lost things when you took that last chance, and loosing something else isn't something that is high on your "To Do' list. Who can blame you, I know I can't. When you're been hurt, and maybe even still raw, why put yourself in that situation where it could happen again. You're right, so, moosey on into your safe little cabin in the woods, and hide. That way you can be safe and secure and no one will come into your life offering you companionship on your journey, or support on any new endeavors. You can be alone, holding on to what you have with a grip of monkey, but never getting your hand out of that hole.

Following the signs in your life is not easy, it's down right scary as hell. Especially when you have no EARTHLY CLUE what you're going to do if you take that risk, jump off that well traveled path, on to the ones with the twigs and rocks, and it fails. You stumble, you fall, you break a leg, and you can't jump back to the other path and continue on like you were. I like making my own fate, always have, and a lot of times, I've screwed up MAJORLY doing that. Not because I didn't follow the signs, but because when I did follow the signs, I just went where it pointed, I didn't read the signs under it;
Tread carefully
Don't feed the bears
Warning, bridge may ice in winter
I just ran through, not knowing what I needed to look out for so I could avoid the dangers that are on this new path. The well traveled path, you know the dangers, other people have traveled it before, but, when you follow the signs to the path you are to take, well, then, you need to have a keen eye, because part of making a new path in your life, is clearing out the rummage

Good Luck

Sunday, March 6, 2011

World's Greatest Smoothie

This morning I made the best smoothie ever...EVER!!!

Cup alomond milk
1 banana sliced
1 peach 
cap full of pure vanilla
scoop of Whey protein powder
Mix, and enjoy!!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Friend Made Me Think...

She reads this blog too, so, I hope she doesn't mind me posting this. I won't use names ;)

 During a chat with a friend of mine she made a question/comment, "Do you ever get that feeling you're being thrown under a bus?" I come back with the answer of, "Yes" and I do have that feeling a lot. In fact, so much I don't even think about it anymore. The conversation continued on with comments here and there, but the one thing that really made me think was she was willing to welcome loosing everything for a clean slate. Now, that's just paraphrasing, and don't read to deep into it. The way it made me think was this, maybe loosing everything isn't such a bad thing. She was talking about being strong with it, ready for the challenge. She had such a strong and confident attitude towards it I was almost cheering her on like, yes, do it, loose everything, take the challenge. Then, my response back to her of, "I can't handle loosing one more thing" made me see something in myself that I haven't been able to see, after everything I've been through, maybe I CAN handle loosing one more thing.

 I've had some very dramatic looses the past couple of years, nothing to go into, but, they were dramatic and life changing. I was fighting depression due to it, and came close to giving up. Something in me, maybe my husband, maybe my children, kept me going. I don't know what, maybe it was my deep seeded belief of a life lesson I must learn. I don't know what kept me going, but I continued, blind a lot, but I was moving.

 The past few months have been wonderful, finding a balance with work, family, and my very active spiritual life now, and it hasn't been easy, but, for some reason, this time around, I'm not worried. I told her I understand how she feels on the bus comment because I'm always used to the good things I get going bad, my bubble popping. This time, I don't have that worry, and if I did, I think it would be like her, I would feel it, but instead of freaking out over it, I would be in a "bring it on" state of mind like her.

You never know when an idle conversation can make a person think about themselves. I've been going 90mph lately, haven't stopped to see how I'm doing on my trip, just enjoying the ride. Enjoying the ride, and not worrying about the pot holes, is a first for me. So, yea, I think I'm right there with her, if things are gonna throw me under the bus....BRING IT ON!!!

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