Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Opinion on the Disrespect of the Statue of Jesus

In case you haven't watched the news lately, or you don't watch it at all, on Easter Sunday members of St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell, GA were greeted by a statue of Jesus that was defiled by hot pink spray paint. I'm disgusted by this and also embarrassed, not only because someone or someones would treat a religious symbol so terribly, but, my personal sacred symbol, the Pentacle was spray painted on the chest of the statue.

1 step forward 20 steps backwards

 For those of you who don't know, the Pentacle is a sacred symbol of Goddess followers. the 5 points of the star represent the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and the top point represents Spirit. the circle around the star represents the unbreakable circle of life. This symbol is not an evil symbol, on the contrary it is a very positive symbol of life encompassing  all.
I would like to point out that the inverted Pentacle, the Pentagram, isn't an evil sign either. What the Pentagram represents is the Horned God, the two points are his horns, and the rest represent the face of Baphomet, the God of freemasonry or transformation. Why this symbol is used in Earth based beliefs is to represent the ever changing Earth, the animals, the birds, the life and death of all.

Back to the subject at hand, I've been following this story, and of course, the Pentacle painted on the chest of the statue was labeled "satanic" which, yes, annoyed me, but was not the subject of my disgust. The reason I was so disgusted was due to the fact that people can have so much disrespect. These people look at the statue of Jesus as I and many other Pagans look at the Pentacle and Pentagram, a totem of belief, of spirituality, and of life. To add salt to the wound, the Pentacle was used in this defilement, a shame, an embarrassment, and even an outrage! Why? Why would they do that? It does nothing to generate equality among Christians and Pagans. It only put Pagans back into the place of being labeled "satanic, anti spiritual, devil worshipers, evil"

 My goal and goals of others that I work closely with, is to bring Paganism out of the shadows, out into the world, and make it comfortable and acceptable to wear your Pentacles in the open. For our children not to have to hide their beliefs. For people to not have to lie to their bosses when they need a Sabbat off for ritual. I work hard, living my life open everyday, and I still have a deep seeded fear that someone will attack my children, burn a cross in my yard, or worse. These are not an over exaggeration of fears, these are real fears. I have lost jobs due to my beliefs, I have lost friends due to my beliefs, I have lost good reputation due to my beliefs, but, I refuse to be angry over it. I work to live my life openly and peaceful, and lead by example. My children do not know to hide their beliefs, I've told them not to. I've been blessed with an open minded family, and a wonderful Mother in Law who loves me no matter what I believe and that does help, a lot. I'm very lucky to have that because a lot of Pagans don't have that.

Now, my over all point here is this...

On behalf of the Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, and others who feel embarrassed about the Pentacle being used in such a negative manner, I apologize  To those who did this, shame on you. Shame on you if you don't know about the symbol you used and shame on you if you did. Shame on you for being so disrespectful to a highly regarded religious symbol. Shame on you for pushing the Pagan community 20 steps backwards in the fight to be accepted.

Remember, live your life peacefully, openly. Do not bring hatred to you by feeling you need to forcefully put your beliefs known to others. Do not be negative, do not hold on to anger, learn from the past. Using a hammer to break a wall eventually will work, but you will have a large mess, injuries, sore shoulders and hands, instead, knock on the door, and be heard, someone is always listening.

View the story here - http://www.11alive.com/news/article/188756/40/Volunteers-clean-church-statue-of-Easter-vandalism

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love....

I wanted to see that movie for the longest time. I saw it first advertised on FB and started getting all giggly and silly about it, showing it to Roger, friends, and just plan sitting in stitches. Well, since we don't do the movies that often, waiting for it to get off demand and on the cable channels has been annoying as hell. Not to mention I ordered the book from PBS and the person never sent it...grrr...so, there I was..waiting.

Finally, yesterday, I wake up and sit in the chair waiting for my coffee, having my normal hip pain recovery, and what is on Starz...Eat,Pray,Love!!! Yay!! Only missed 4 minutes, so I didn't move for 2 hours while I finally watched the movie I've been dying to watch.

Now, Eat, Pray, Love got the same negative reviews as other wonderful movies like, The Fountain, City of Joy, and What Dreams May Come, but, just like those movies it was extremely wonderful.  I'm not a huge Julia Roberts fan, all though, I watch most of her movies, but she was so genuine in this movie. The moral of the movie it's self was just outstanding. I know why American critics didn't like it, it was a positive movie, that makes Americans look at themselves and they way we go, go, go and never stop for one moment to breath. We feel we have to EARN our quite time, not just take it. We are so programed to work, pay bills, work, pay bills, that we don't enjoy the, 'Dolce far niente" "pleasure of doing nothing". Such a sweet line of personal enjoyment.

 We, as Americans, focus to much on "earning" everything, EVERYTHING!! In fact, I even tell my children the same thing because it's so programmed into our souls. I tell my girls, "Work first, pleasure later" mmmmm, maybe I should rethink that? Right now, with de schooling, it's a lot of doing nothing, and since I personally stepped down from management, I'm almost doing nothing, but still busy lol. I've begun however to relax much more since stepping down, and to focus on my personal spiritual journey as well. I'm more aware of my children and their growth, however, I'm not earning near the money I'm used to earning lol, guess that's the problem with America, to live you need money, to make money, you need to work, to make the money you need to live here in America, you need to work...A LOT!!

 Such movies as Eat, Pray, Love, The City of Joy, The Fountain, and What Dreams May Come, really make you think...about yourself, your family, your surroundings. I've begun to sit in front of the TV, flipping channels hoping to find a movie like that, often time to great disapointment. Now, I'm still a horror flick fanatic, but, most of my time now is spent only desiring positive re enforcement of life with in my own personal realm. That's why most of the time now, I'm making bread, making butter, cooking dinner, listening to ambient music, meditating, or working to bring my services out more to the Pagan community. I've begun to stop, do nothing, relax, and take in my surroundings. My stresses are not as big as they used to be. When the girl's were in school, and I was managing, I was always trying to achieve something more then where I was. Making the girl's study for tests, homework, CRCTs, making myself set work goals and working consistently to meet them. I never enjoyed cooking for my family then because I was to mentally drained to see the pleasure in it. I never made bread, or worked to learn any organic recipes, because I never had the time to do such pleasures, and, at that time, they weren't pleasures, they were something else I had to work on. Also, funny enough, this is the first time in a LONG time, I'm not worried about money. That's a strange feeling I'm still getting used to.

Remember, you must work to pay bills, but you must breath to survive. Don't let the stresses of making enough money stop you. Look around you, do you REALLY need to order out, do you really NEED that new car, do you really NEED to go to the expensive mall and buy your clothes? I have more ingredients in my cupboards now then pre made food, I have a car that, yes, we are trading in soon, but, for another used car. I have have a job, I still enjoy, but I don't work near as hard on, and am able to enjoy much more, and I'm not as burned out as I was. Also, I'm able to offer myself to my community which I dearly love as I love my family.

Take time today for the docle far niente, you will be amazed the difference...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Education of Little Tree....

My two saplings are a trip. They both are, shall we say, colorful. I love them both dearly and the older they get more excited I am to see them grow into women. I have ups and downs with them like every mom. sometimes I want to just sit and watch their every move and sometimes I want to do sell them away to the gypsys. Of course, knowing my children, they would love that.

Most of the people my age have children under the age of 5, so, it's not to easy to find people I relate to with children my girl's age. When we go out to festivals and all, most of the children are young, and my girl's end up having to play with them, or just sitting bored with the adults. Now, honestly, I don't think my kids mind that much, all though Kathleen is starting to act like her time is the most precious in the universe *rolls eyes* but I wonder am I, through no fault of my own, hindering their growth?

I'm part of a Google homeschooling group for tweens, that's great for Kighla, but, what about Kathleen?  The other homeschooling groups are for young children. Do people not home/un school teens? I admit, there aren't many kids I personally like. I'm not a big kid person. I do have a couple I love dearly, they are just gems, and a few others that are just adorable, but, for the most part, little kids look adorable...with mom and dad. I am going to remedy this in some ways, I'm going to be heading up the NGS Teens group, so, I think that will help a lot. There is a homeschooling drum circle that goes on, but, most children are young that go there. Spiral Scouts...forget it, I've been to a lot, and the oldest was 8 years old. It's like when a child of an alternative lifestyle hits a certain age, they vanish.

 So, my concern is not only the curriculum I need to figure out by September, (that's my personal goal) but also, not having them in school any more is stunting their growth a bit because they no longer have "peers"

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