Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Education of Little Tree....

My two saplings are a trip. They both are, shall we say, colorful. I love them both dearly and the older they get more excited I am to see them grow into women. I have ups and downs with them like every mom. sometimes I want to just sit and watch their every move and sometimes I want to do sell them away to the gypsys. Of course, knowing my children, they would love that.

Most of the people my age have children under the age of 5, so, it's not to easy to find people I relate to with children my girl's age. When we go out to festivals and all, most of the children are young, and my girl's end up having to play with them, or just sitting bored with the adults. Now, honestly, I don't think my kids mind that much, all though Kathleen is starting to act like her time is the most precious in the universe *rolls eyes* but I wonder am I, through no fault of my own, hindering their growth?

I'm part of a Google homeschooling group for tweens, that's great for Kighla, but, what about Kathleen?  The other homeschooling groups are for young children. Do people not home/un school teens? I admit, there aren't many kids I personally like. I'm not a big kid person. I do have a couple I love dearly, they are just gems, and a few others that are just adorable, but, for the most part, little kids look adorable...with mom and dad. I am going to remedy this in some ways, I'm going to be heading up the NGS Teens group, so, I think that will help a lot. There is a homeschooling drum circle that goes on, but, most children are young that go there. Spiral Scouts...forget it, I've been to a lot, and the oldest was 8 years old. It's like when a child of an alternative lifestyle hits a certain age, they vanish.

 So, my concern is not only the curriculum I need to figure out by September, (that's my personal goal) but also, not having them in school any more is stunting their growth a bit because they no longer have "peers"

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