Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebration of Death...

I have a feeling this post is not going to bring me to popular status or will gather me many new friends However, this is tearing at my heart and it's bothering me and I need to put something out there so the world, or at least those in my world can see and read it.

 I can't seam to celebrate the death of a human. I know, before I go one, I know Osama Bin Laden was not a good human, I was there, I remember. I know he master mind the murder of 3000 people and was boasting about it. I'm not anti American, I'm not pro terrorism, I'm just someone who looks at the fact that a human life was lost. I can't help but feel sad here. Seeing people last night, celebrating while someone out there is mourning their father, their son, their brother, their husband. Reading FB postings singing praises to his death and demise. Hearing people wanting to see his body, wanting to "piss" on his body, my gods, this is scary the amount of celebration of revenge.

 I can't say what I would do if I was the one who was face to face with the man. I don't know. I'm human, humans are guided by emotions. We use the term "justice" as a cover for what it really is, "revenge" I'm no better, I'm not. When 9/11 happened, I wanted the people who did this to feel the same pain we as Americans were feeling. If my family was attacked, I too would seek revenge, I'm not preaching. I'm just sitting here today thinking, yes, he is dead, but something is not right in celebrating this fact.

I could go much further, but I won't, this is probably the shortest post I'm put here. I know the world is one less tyrant today, but, I can't help but feel sadness. Pride in my country, pride in the men who got him, pride in our President for keeping this so organized and secret, but a sadness.....a man's life has been taken from him, by our hands.

This is what "justice" has come to....


  1. To me, there is nothing to celebrate. Yes, he is dead. But at what cost? How many others died in between? Do any of think this actually stops here and now? Now that he is dead? We know it won't.

  2. I understand your point of view. It is hard to decide how I feel about this...In some ways I feel bad that I feel even the slightest bit happy about it. But then, other ways I dont feel bad about it at all. My husband was a soldier for 8 years, and did 3 deployments over there.

  3. I posted something similar on Facebook earlier today.

    I'm well aware that bin Laden could have walked up to me, pregnant as I am, and in front of my children, shot me in the face and never spared my family nor myself another thought. But I'd really like to think I'm better than that.

    I think about how Muslim extremists cheered and danced when the towers went down on 9/11. Are we any better if we do the same? Couldn't it possibly fuel anti-American sentiment?

    Human life is a sacred gift. While I'm grateful that Osama will never again be able to hurt another person, I'm saddened that his choices caused so much pain and death, including his own.

  4. We had no choice, they gave him a choice to come out peacefully, he declined and a battle ensued. I do think retribution for 9/11 was needed, it is sad that it took 10 long years for us to find one man, however I think it says something for Americans that we didnt give up and we kept searching for him.
    I am not sad that he is dead, I am grateful that this man who wreaked so much havoc for our country and others is now dead. I feel compassion for someone who deserves compassion and Osama Bin Laden does not deserve compassion from one american, not one.
    It is a testament to the greatness of America that we can have this healthy discussion though..:) I enjoyed your post and I hope you do not take offense to my response.
    Bright Blessings for a magickal week!


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