Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honeyfern Farms....

Last week, me, my hubby and my girls went to meet Suzannah at Honeyfern Farms. Honeyfern is an up and coming secular private school, small class, and has a lot of accreditation in classes offered. I was interested in learning my options for the girls since I haven't actually started homeschooling yet and honestly, am still not sure exactly how to go about it.

I must say, I was impressed.

Suzannah was super nice as was her husband. The place is beautiful with a horse, goats, and chickens. When we pulled up we park in front of her adorable little garden and enjoyed the view for a moment. already, just the impression was a nice impression. The energies of the home were so great, and Suzannah was very welcoming. We went in, sat and talked for a while. She explained to my husband what Honeyfern was all about, and her goals, and honestly, everything she was saying is what we were looking for. She was super nice to the girls, and looking in her library, I admit, I was jealous, I wanted some of those books lol.

I was open to her that I was new to homeschooling and she even offered some advice on what I should do, all the way down to making sure I have all the documents from my girl's public schools. I had no idea there was a lot more to get. She also, when I spoke with her on the phone, gave me more advice on how to homeschool them. I respect someone who is working to build her private school giving advice to a stranger on how to homeschool. He goal wasn't to sell the school, you could tell her goal was to just be a kind and helpful person.

She is working to build her private school, but she also offers online classes, which may be more in our budget at the moment, but, I do know my goal now is to register the girls into Honeyfern. I highly recommend Honeyfern if you are looking for a private school for your kids to attend. Roger and I are still weighing our options on what to do, but, Honeyfern is right up there towards the top!

I put her link on my blog side bar, but, here is also her link to the school, She is located in W Marietta, and again, just from meeting her the one time, I think she may have the passion I'm looking for to teach my girls.

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