Thursday, September 22, 2011


I wrote this up to send to some co workers and I decided to share it here and on the A Spiritual Blend FB page. I have a lot of friends who come to me for help with their migraines and I have helped them with this information. With the stressful times we are in, migraines have become rampant in society. Dr's do help, however, a lot of migraines can be stopped using only holistic methods. If you are suffering from consistent migraines and nothing I've posted has helped, please seek medical attention because it can be a sign of something more.
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Migraines are caused by enlargement of the blood vessels that stretch around the nerves forcing the nerves to release a chemical that is to protect the brain from swelling, however, is only causing inflammation, pain, and further enlargement. What triggers the enlargement is shock and stress. Basically, your brain/nerves are hyper sensitive and loud noises, bright flashing light, or starring at moving patterns can trigger the migraine. To help aid migraines is to catch them before they happen.

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