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I wrote this up to send to some co workers and I decided to share it here and on the A Spiritual Blend FB page. I have a lot of friends who come to me for help with their migraines and I have helped them with this information. With the stressful times we are in, migraines have become rampant in society. Dr's do help, however, a lot of migraines can be stopped using only holistic methods. If you are suffering from consistent migraines and nothing I've posted has helped, please seek medical attention because it can be a sign of something more.
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Migraines are caused by enlargement of the blood vessels that stretch around the nerves forcing the nerves to release a chemical that is to protect the brain from swelling, however, is only causing inflammation, pain, and further enlargement. What triggers the enlargement is shock and stress. Basically, your brain/nerves are hyper sensitive and loud noises, bright flashing light, or starring at moving patterns can trigger the migraine. To help aid migraines is to catch them before they happen.

Your brain and nerves need to be guided to relax.
Items to use/Things to do:
  1. Peppermint oil
  2. Relaxing tea
  3. Plenty of room temperature water
  4. Work in intervals
  5. Pick your sound
  1. Peppermint oil - You can get peppermint essential oil in any health food, whole foods, or herb shop. I believe I've even seen it in the organic sections at Kroger and Publix. You will use this 2 ways.
  • First, put a dab on each side of your temples. You can do this through out the day. I really recommend doing it when you wake up in the morning. Keep the bottle with you and at the first sign of a migraine, put the dabs on your temples.
  • Secondly, buy an oil burner, you can get those at Walmart,  place 13 drops of peppermint oil in the in burner, and burn the oil at least 3 feet away from you. Allow the oil to burn while you are working, or through out the day.
(peppermint releases a natural serotonin which aids in nerve relaxation and even happiness, why do you think peppermint sticks are so popular during the "silly" season?)
  2. Relaxing teas - drink a mixture of chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, or other relaxing teas throughout the day. You can find good relaxing teas in the organic section of your grocery store.
  3. Room temperature water through out the day (how many said yuck on that?) Here is why you want room temperature water. Your body is naturally 98.6 degrees. The average temperature of ice cold water is 55 degrees. When you ingest 55 degree water into a body that is 98.6 degrees you are shocking your nervous system. Just like the shock of jumping into a cold pool in a heat wave. Last thing you want to do is shock your nervous system that will trigger the migraine. Also, remember, the body is required, to stay hydrated, at least a gallon of water a day. When you wake up in the morning is when you are the most dehydrated. Drink at least an 8 oz glass of room temperature water right when you wake up. Continue that all day.
  4. Work in intervals - work at the computer no more then 2 hours at a time, also, balance the light at your desk. Get a soft light lamp, put behind or beside your computer screen. Do not stay on the computer longer then 2 hours. After your time, step away from the computer, and go have a glass of water, tea, maybe put on your sun glasses and step out side. Even lay down for a bit. After an hour or so, go back to work for your next 2 hour interval.
  5. Pick your sound - Do not have a chaos of sounds going. Sounds will trigger migraines faster then light. When you have a broad spectrum of sounds going at once, your brain is processing which sound is which. When you take away a lot of sounds at once, your brain can go into shock, causing the nerves to swell, triggering migraines. Keep sounds to a minimum, so that your brain isn't jumping from 10 sounds to 1. 

Remember, holistic methods do not replace medical methods. Holistic methods are not a cure for symptoms it is a cure for the aliment. Holistic methods must be used consistently so allow holistic methods to become a part of your life routine for best results.

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  1. Really good information. I also have used reflexology by rubbing (really hard) the area on the hand at the base of the muscle just below the thumb. It doesn't seem like it will help but usually within 20 minutes of doing this for about 15 minutes on each hand the headache or migraine starts to lessen a lot.


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