Friday, June 2, 2017

Feeling Defeated, but, I'm NOT Defeated

I'm a little late to the party putting this up on my blog, but, I figured ya'll forgive me.

If not

Fuck it 😁

The other day, when I posted this video, I was feeling like I was failing and trying to reach my dream. It's hard when you have to "adult" on the daily, but, you still want to jump into that world of pure imagination and just live your dream like nothing else matters. People are always putting such inspirational memes out there like;


and my favorite!!!! 

Money is an object, it's real, it's there, and it's connected to responsibilities.

So, let's keep it real, okay?

We have to adult, but, we always have to do for ourselves. So, really, it's not about what would you do if money was no object, it's more about, what would you do if you stopped highjacking yourself?

Here's a video on my YouTube channel talking about what I'm doing to no longer highjack myself. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment on what you are planning to do to not highjack yourself. Anything you do is a step toward your dream

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