Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Simple "Hello" Could Be The Kindest Word You Speak All Day

Do you ever really think about the impact of your words?

As Pagan, one of the first things we are taught is the power of the spoken word, but, do you apply that teaching every day? I'm not judging, because honestly, I know I don't apply it every day, hell, I'm known not to have a filter, but, that "gift" of no filter has caused me some backlash and guilt feelings in my days.

So, again, I ask, do you ever really think about the impact of your words?

I want to brush on one word, a powerful word, a word that can open doors to an incredible amount of information, or open a door to another world, even save a person's life.

illustrator Alex Noriega

That word is, "Hello"

Now, there is one rule to using this magickal word, you have to mean it. If you are just saying it to say it, the power will not be as strong, if the power is even reflected from your lips to the essence of the word. Speaking an empty "Hello" can actually cause harm to not only others but to yourself. If that "Hello" is empty, then what it does is make your soul's doors harder to open, in turn, keeping in the kindness and it starts to rot from lack of oxygen and sunlight. Eventually, the kindness becomes nothing but a mound of waste that only makes the other kindnesses in your soul rot...and so on, and so on. So, in short, your soul becomes a waste mound of rotted and useless kindness.

But, if you mean it, then you have truly touched on a portal that will forever be open to you.
If you mean it when you say "Hello" to someone, you could be transported to another world if you listen to the other person's stories. Maybe they're on a mission from God to save one baby goat that is stuck in the Himalayans and the only way to get there is to ride the banana boat to the clouds. Once there, that person has to make their way to the goat, sit, talk with the goat, meditate with the goat, then, take the goat in their arms and wait, patiently for the banana boat while balancing on the tip of a one-armed giant. All that from one, meaningful, "Hello", can you imagine!!! Ok, maybe I over exaggerated a bit. There is no banana boat that goes to the clouds, but, there are amazing stories in other people's world, you just have to use that one powerful word to open yourself up to them.

A meaningful "hello" could honestly be the word that brings someone out of loneliness, sadness, or it could be the word that invokes the bridge that connects you to your soulmate. "Hello" might be the word that someone needed to stop them for a few seconds before going to the bridge and jumping off of it. A meaningful "Hello" has the power to change a pattern of hate into a pattern of love. Maybe only for a moment, but a moment is all it takes.

So, close your eyes, focus your energy, open your eyes, and speak this benevolent word each and every chance you get. Remember though, speak with conviction, with kindness, and especially, with meaning.

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