Flower Readings

What is a Flower Reading? Never Head of It!

Don't worry, neither did I till I ran across a very small paragraph about it in a divination book. A flower reading (aka Floramancy) is, as it comes to me, a way if seeing your present situation, question, or path as a past - bottom stem, present - middle stem- future - bloom. 

How Does it Work?

I offer a selection of flowers that I bring in, (or, you can bring your own) and you choose the flower that calls to you. You don't have to do anything special to choose the flower, you can just pick the one you think is pretty, it doesn't matter because the flower you choose represents your state of mind and spirit at that exact moment. 

Once you have chosen your flower, I begin from the bottom cut of the stem, reading how you ended up where you're at with the situation, question, or path all the way up the stem to the bloom where it ends as your future in that certain situation, question or path. Each leaf, discoloration, scratch, bent petal, everything on a flower is the flower speaking to you. I use myself as the translator between you and the flower. 

Also, I do use my oracle cards to help to clarify an answer. My oracle cards are also based on flowers, so, the live flower and the card come together to work with each other. 

What Happens to the Flower after the Reading?

That's up to you, it's your flower, you choose it. I can't read from that same flower again for another person because since that flower is cut, technically it is dying. So, think of the flower using its last words to speak to you. So, after the reading, the flower is yours to take home. Now, don't be sad about a flower being cut, flowers are meant to live long enough to feed insects, other flowers, the air we breathe, then, they die. When a flower is cut, it is what the plant needs and wants, and the plant is able to flourish brighter and thicker because of it.

How Much is a Flower Reading & Where Do You Read From? 

$1.50 per minute with a 30-minute minimum

I work out of Forever and A Day in Woodstock, GA on Wednesdays from Noon to 6pm 
Call 770-516-6969 for an appointment, or walk right now

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