Nala Shanti Reiki & Spiritual Guidance

Reiki is the use of the Earth's natural, healing energies to aid in healing on a physical, mental, spiritual & emotional level.

I'm certified in Usui Reiki levels 1, 2, & 3 Master/Teacher & Karuna/Karuna Ki levels 1 & 2. I've been a Reiki practitioner for over 10 years, and I do believe Reiki is an energy healing that should be available to all.

During a Reiki treatment, all you have to do is lay still, relax, close your eyes if you feel, and open yourself to the energies. Think of it as an energy massage. I will be over you, placing my hands in different positions over the body (I do not touch you unless I have your permission). You may feel warmth, tingling, relaxation, and may even fall asleep, but, all that is fine and perfectly normal. Also, during my sessions, I use oils on my hands, a singing bowl, pendulums, crystals, and you will even notice a bowl of water at the end of the table, and hear me humming during the session. For each session, it's all about you, what your inner self communicates and what I can offer you.

Before and/or after each session, I like to sit with you, talk to you. Let you express to me what you want to tell me, what you're feeling, any concerns you may have. Also, I do check up on you to see how you are feeling, and if there is any questions or concerns you may have.

Spiritual Guidance many times coincides with all Reiki sessions, however, some feel they do better talking than lying still. I offer spiritual guidance sessions through Skype where I help you, coach you, and assist you in meditation practices, offer advice, share distance Reiki with you, and, if needed, even hold you accountable for your own personal spiritual growth and healing.

*Please Note* I am not a Doctor or Certified Herbalist, nor do I ever claim to be. If you have a medical need, Reiki healing can assist you, however, you MUST seek medical attention. Reiki is not a cure, only a tool used in healing


Reiki sessions are available in my home;
Monday - Friday from 5pm till 9pm appointments only
Saturday & Sunday from 1pm - 8pm appointments only
*contact me if you need me to come to you*

Spiritual Guidance Sessions are available online, through Skype
Monday - Friday from 5pm till 9pm appointments only
Saturday & Sunday from 1pm - 8pm appointments only


I try to keep Reiki and Spiritual Guidance affordable to all.

Sessions prices are;
Reiki - each session is $1 a minute, however, there is a 20-minute minimum required. If you need me to come to you, there is a $10 extra fee for travel. I only travel maximum 20 miles from Powder Springs, GA area
Spiritual Guidance - First 1 hour session is free. From there, we can discuss what will work for you

Contact me for appointments

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