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Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

I'm Kieran but many also know me as The Tattooed Pagan Mom, and I'm excited to have you stumble across my blog. As you flip through you will notice long breaks between postings, some postings will be podcasts, and some even YouTube videos. Why? Because I've embraced the fact I love doing different things and sometimes, I get the "Ok something shiny" bug bite me.

Not only do I offer spiritual musings, outspoken thoughts, twisted humor and a dash of healing wisdom, I'm also a 3rd Degree High Priestess of Gardarian Wicca, 3rd Level Reiki Master/Teacher & 2nd Level Karuna/Karuna Ki Reiki practitioner. My studies began when I was 17 years old and slowly evolved my learning over time as I studied with many teachers, volunteered at many festivals, ran booths at festivals, and have taught classes in different homes and stores.

I do specialize in Reiki and Spiritual Guidance because there are many ways to heal the body and soul, and to me, it's always made sense to work from the inside out. I also teach meditation classes and record guided meditations that I do write and record myself. Last, but not least, I'm also known as the Incense Lady at some festivals because I do make & sell organic, no charcoal needed loose, cone, stick and joss incense, along with other oils, brews, and creations.

Keep up with different festivals & stores I will be at & different classes I'm offering from my home by way of my Events page.

If you would like to set up an appointment for a Reiki sessions or a spiritual counseling session, feel free to contact me.

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